At What Age Do Girls Feel Sexy?


I have a 10 year old daughter who like getting new clothes and so far I haven’t had to worry about the type of clothes she wears.

Let’s hope it stays that way!


But some researchers were interested at what age girls begin to think of themselves as sex objects.

Think about what your daughter/daugthers watch on TV on Disney or Nickelodeon.

Here’s how the test worked. You could probably try this at home too.

Psychologists at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., used paper dolls to assess self-sexualization young girls.

Sixty girls were shown two dolls, one dressed in tight and revealing "sexy" clothes and the other wearing a trendy but covered-up, loose outfit.

Using a different set of dolls for each question, the researchers then asked each girl to choose the doll that: looked like herself, looked how she wanted to look, was the popular girl in school, she wanted to play with.

The results, across-the-board, girls chose the "sexy" doll most often.


And now the most shocking result. What age do you think girls begin to thinkof themselves as sex objects.

12, 15 or maybe 17?

Nope. Most girls as young as 6 are already beginning to think of themselves as sex objects.


6 years old..


The girls wanted to look like the sexy doll because they believe sexiness leads to popularity.

Media consumption alone didn't influence girls to prefer the sexy doll. But girls who watched a lot of TV and movies and who had mothers who reported self-objectifying tendencies, such as worrying about their clothes and appearance many times a day, were more likely to say the sexy doll was popular.

The authors suggest that the media or moms who sexualize women may predispose girls toward objectifying themselves; then, the other factor (mom or media) reinforces the messages, amplifying the effect.

On the other hand, mothers who reported often using TV and movies as teaching moments about bad behaviors and unrealistic scenarios were much less likely to have daughters who said they looked like the sexy doll.


Here’s the kicker. Girls who didn’t consume a lot of media but who had religious mothers were much more likely to say they wanted to look like the sexy doll.