What Do We Want?

Well it’s Valentines Day and you’re single. Are you still perplexed about what he or she really wants? What are they looking for when they look at you?

Here’s the lastest survey from Match.com that says what we want when we’re looking for love:

Singles were asked to rate the things they judge the opposite sex on.

At the top of the list for both men and women were teeth and grammar. As for "Must Haves," for men "Is someone I can trust and confide in" was the top trait (ranking second with the ladies), while "Treats me with respect" was most-important for women and second for the fellas. The takeaway?

So here’s here’s all you need:  someone with great teeth, who respects them, will listen to all their hopes and dreams — and who has a solid understanding of grammar rules.

So, get your teeth cleaned, and buy a grammar book.



Teeth, grammer, hair, clothes, NO tattoos, nails & Hands, accent, shoes, the car, and their electronic devices