What Matters In The School System?

Do you send your kids to private school because you hear it’s better?

Or did you buy a home near the schools you heard were the best for your childs education?

A lot of people have done the same thing and a research group was curious to see does that make a difference in your childs education?

The study conducted with over 10,000 teenagers from 1,000 randomly selected schools in the United States.


You know what they found out?

It doesn’t matter what school your child attends. What makes the difference is parental involvement when it comes to academics.


Here’s what it says: Parents who regularly checked their kids’ homework, talked about their school days with them, and attended parent functions contributed more to their child’s academic success than students that went to better schools but had less involved parents. Schools were rated based on conducive classroom learning environments, as well as on rates of truancy and disruptive behavior.

It makes sense. We know that kids are better behaved and perform better in school when they participate in regular family dinners. We all remember being teenagers and trying to get away with doing as little as possible. Having mom or dad there to ‘remind’ you to do your homework or no movie night with your friends was sometimes the only way it got done.