Who am I?

I was born here in Knoxville and attended Lincoln Park Elementary (now closed), Christenberry Middle School (now closed) and Fulton High School (they tried to close it as well.)  Clearly having me attend a school has proven to be bad for their future.  When it came time to choose a college Northwestern and UT both wanted me. Northwestern wanted me to attend UT and UT wanted me to attend Northwestern.  When the dust cleared I became a Vol.  My radio start began in my sophomore year in high school with the radio class at Fulton High School. My first radio job was at WEZK (now B97.5) in 1975.  I was allowed to speak once an hour and said, "Beautiful music in full stereo, EZ-97, WEZK;FM, Knoxville."  Funny how after all this time I still retain that first opportunity to be on the radio for real!  After a few other radio jobs around the area I rejoined 97.5 in July of 1995 as Program Director where I remained until the Fall of 2000. After that it all becomes a blur and somehow I ended up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (I faintly remember losing a bet) until March of 2005 when the opportunity arose to return to B97.5 as Program Director and the 3pm-7pm shift which I've done in Knoxville for the better portion of the last 25 years.  I love East Tennessee, the Vols and I truly love the relationship with the people of the area that will always be home in my heart.  I am truly thrilled to be back at the station where my career began... B97.5.