"Who Ate My Lunch?!"

My brother told me a story last night that just shocked me! It made me wonder how often this happens at the workplace, because you know it does!

He is a delivery guy for Exide Battery. He loads up the batteries into his truck and then heads out and delivers to their retailers. And he is up EARLY, and many times he does not get back until 9 or so at night. 

So he gets into the habit of bringing his lunch or dinner and putting it in the fridge where he works. So, Monday, he came in from off the road and was gonna grab his lunch, he had left 4 or 5 ribs in there. As he opened it, he noticed 2 ribs had been eaten!

Somebody at work had eaten 2 of the ribs and put it back in the fridge!


So he went to his boss and they checked the camera security tapes from the kitchen and you will never guess what they saw... It’s awful, but I was laughing!

You see this guy, one of his co-workers, come in and open the fridge, take out the ribs, open the box, pick up a rib, and take a bite! THEN this guy puts the rib BACK IN the box and puts the ribs back in the refrigerator!  Oh but he’s not done! He came back again in 10 minutes and finishes the rib and has another and then puts BOTH  eaten rib bones back into the box.  And that’s how my brother found his lunch!

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