Wost Proposal Ever?

This story will leave your head spinning.  Ryan Houston loves Laura Yearout.  The way they ended up together was a little unusual...

They dated for eight months in high school, but then broke up and did not see each other for 11 years.

And now after all these years, they were back together he had the most romantic marriage proposal meticulously planned for her. He spent 3 months getting this beautiful, unforgettable moment ready.

Here are the details:

First, he sold his motorcycle and he cashed in some savings.  He really went all out and researched the ring and the diamonds.  He purchased a 1.84 carat diamond ring and he researched online for weeks to find the perfect resort.

1.  He contacted the Secrets Aura resort in Cozumel.  He told Laura...it was just a planned vacation.
2.  So while they are there:  he arraigned a private sunset dinner on the pier of a Mexican beach
3.  He had made a CD of songs to be played at the perfect moment.
4.  He had “I love you, Laura” spelled out in flower petals as they walked along the beach.

That’s how it was supposed to go. Here’s what really happened:
On that night, Ryan and Laura began their stroll along the beach (Flowers were supposed to be there, they were scattered and you couldn’t read them.)  So he thinks, "Lets salvage the situation with the romantic sunset dinner on the pier." As they approached,  there were more than a dozen people on the pier, a yacht parked in a spot that blocked the view and the hotel staff scrambling to set up the dinner.

From there, things worsened with delayed service, from the music playing at the wrong time and an obstructed view where instead of the sunset, all he could see was a man on the yacht smiling at him while wearing only a speedo.
And that’s when Ryan made a wrong decision. He thought, "I’ll just untie the yacht and we’ll have the sunset view at least." That’s when the speedo guy called the cops!

Before he knew it,  he was handcuffed and telling Laura to take his valuables, including the one she didn't know about.
He told her to get one more valuable from inside his shirt.

"There on the pier, while Ryan’s hands are cuffed behind his back, Laura reaches inside the shirt, feels the ring, gasps, and then the ring comes flying out of the shirt and then out of her fingers.   It bounces off the dock and into the deep blue sea!
The police then began to take Houston towards their police truck. Yearout was "freaking out," Houston said.
So in a matter of minutes, Ryan is in handcuffs, machine guns are pointed at him and he was shouting the proposal at Laura while being taken to jail!

Everything is okay now....
Soon after, additional police arrived and Ryan was eventually let go after they determined there was no damage to the yacht.
The hotel apologized and soon Houston and Yearout were in one of the resort's penthouse suites complete with its own lap pool.

Ryan, who is an experienced diver threw on his scuba gear, grabbed a flashlight and headed back to the pier.
"After about two hours, I spotted a sparkle and dove down for it. This time it was actually the ring," he said.

"I walked over to her dripping wet in my wetsuit, kneeled down -- she didn't know I'd found i t-- and I kneeled down and proposed to her on the pier, in the middle of the night, in my scuba gear," Houston laughed. "She said yes."

The hotel has since offered to host their wedding for free and give them a complimentary two-week stay. Houston said they are considering it.

The wedding date has been set for July 5 and the couple is hoping it is relatively uneventful.
"At the time, it was a nightmare. Now, it's a really good story," Yearout said. "The best couples in life have the best stories."