Wyatt Wins For A Special Cause


This is just a sweet story. Wyatt Erber is just an 8-year-old kid growing up in Edwardsville, Illinois. He had a pretty exciting summer competing in a summer-long scavenger hunt in his town. And he really wanted to win the hunt because THAT would mean he could pocket a cool $1,000.

So he spent the WHOLE summer tracking down clues for the First Clover Leaf Bank's scavenger hunt, but when Wyatt 'learned he'd won the $1,000 prize, it took him only a split second to decide what to do with it. Wyatt gave the entire check to his neighbor, 2-year-old Cara Kielty, in the hopes she could use the money to treat her recently diagnosed leukemia. "He said, 'How much chemo will $1,000 buy Cara?,'" the girl's mom, Trisha Kielty, recalls. "I'm completely floored by him."  Erber told the Kieltys that he'd entered the scavenger hunt just for Cara. 


To make Wyatt's charity even sweeter, a group called Edwardsville Neighbors in Need has matched his donation, according to news outlets!

Cara is responding well to her treatments.