YOU can save a life.

This is the week of the 23rd annual Orange/Blue Blood Drive, a friendly competition between the Medic locations in Lexington and Knoxville to see which area can achieve the most donations to their blood banks. While some good natured rivalry exists, the true goal of the competition is far more important. The blood gathered during this period is stockpiled to insure there is blood available during the Christmas to New Year's period where donations traditionally decrease. While donations drop, the need for blood doesn't. There are still auto accidents, people needing surgeries and other emergencies that require blood immediately.
That's why 5 years ago I decided to become involved with this project. When I was discussing this years ago with Medic, the very first vision I had was of a child in critical condition needing blood and my donation making a difference in that child making it to enjoy another Christmas. Maybe that sounds a little dramatic, but, it happens every year.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of my pint not being there when a child needed it. So, ever since I’ve been involved in the drive.
I’d like to ask you to become involved also. Please check the link below and find the location nearest you this week and take a few minutes to donate. It’s quick, practically painless and unlike everything else at the holidays, FREE.
Actually, every donor gets some really cool things for donating; a collector’s edition T-shirt, a free pint of Mayfield’s ice cream, a free regular Petro and every donor is eligible to win accommodations in their choice of one of the following destinations: Atlanta, Cleveland, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Orlando/Daytona Combo, Panama City, Savannah, St. Louis and Washington, DC.
Those are some really cool prizes. But, to me, the greatest gift is the vision of that little child’s eyes getting to see another Christmas morning.
If you can donate, please do. At the very least, please post the link to your Facebook this week and any other social networking sites you may frequent. Ask your Facebook friends to repost it as well. Get a group at work or from church and all of you go and donate as a together. The Ailor Avenue Medic location has dozens of donation chairs and can process a group even over a lunch hour and they have snacks there so you don’t go hungry too!
I’d like to thank you in advance for your assistance and also thank all the sponsors for their participation. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that there will be many people who receive blood this holiday season that will be thankful too. I certainly can envision one child’s parents who will see it as the best Christmas present ever.
Jeff Jarnigan