You Sold Me The Wrong House!!!


You know how exciting buying a home can be- it's a place to call your own. You get the keys and you start settling in.

Terry Jordan, of Tate County Mississippi,  quickly fell in love with a home in Senatobia. It was a foreclosure and needed a lot of work.  Her husband had just lost his job. He was going to fix it up and sell it for a profit to help them while they got through a tough time.

So you can imagine the relief  when you find out YES, you're financed!  Terry had been to the house three times, her realtor finally took the keys out of the lockbox on the door, and she went through an act of sale.  She says she immediately got to work. I mean she put a NEW roof on! She and her husband redid the electrical wiring so that it was up to date and they upgraded the plumbing throughout the home and finally it was done and up to code.

And that's when Terry ran into ONE little snag in the plan


YEP!  They sold her the wrong house!  Her house was actually next door and to the back of what she thought was her property! 

She had the MLS describing all the rooms. She had the address. She had the keys... but somebody made the mistake of a lifetime, and the BUSTED part of this is NOW NOBODY WANTS TO HELP HER EITHER! 

She's been stuck for months! 

The OTHER house is old and decrepit....mold everywhere....


The home was listed by Bob Leigh Realtors.  A representative told us the mortgage company gave them misinformation. We contacted the company‚Äôs namesake with no luck. What a huge debacle!