Your Child is Obese!

How would you feel if you got a letter from your child's school saying they were "obese?"
I'd be very mad; You might be offended or maybe you'd appreciate the fact that the school is trying to encourage him or her to stay healthy and do better. 

Well, parents in North Andover, Massachusetts aren't taking it to well. They're the ones who DID get the letters from the schools and many believe the schools have gone too far!

One of those kids is Fourth-grader Cameron Watson and this kid looks healthy and in shape!  I don't see OBESE when I look at him! 

He is a lot more active than many of his friends!

The schools aren't the only ones...saying folks are fat in the Common is the Department of Public Health:  their data shows 32 percent of Massachusetts students have a body mass index that shows they're overweight or obese, and the letters are supposed to be a helpful tool for parents.

Cameron's dad Matt says they're a waste, and that they don't take into account muscle mass.

The department says all families have the option of not having their children screened for their Body Mass Index.


Parents cite “the government interference in parenting and invasion of privacy” as their primary complaint, while some kids are feeling bullied by the state over these “fat letters,” as they have been nicknamed.

Overweight and obese children are at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Helping children maintain a healthy weight can prevent potential health problems and serious diseases.

State representative Jim Lyons has filed legislation along with a petition to stop the “fat letters” from being sent out.