Zero Tolerance Over Zeros


Pop quiz time, parents. Did your kid actually earn the grade he got on his last test? Are you sure?

Maybe this will help you decide: a high school teacher has been suspended from his job for actually giving kids a 0 if they didn't turn in their homework or skipped a quiz.

Lynden Dorval is a physics teacher -- scratch that, was a physics teacher -- who has been labeled "unprofessional" and been kicked out of the classroom because he's been “negatively impacting student achievement.” Huh. So, the way the school's administration looks at it, it's Dorval's fault that kids didn't turn in their homework or take their necessary quizzes. That makes absolutely no sense at all!

Is it any wonder kids are increasingly plagued with a bad case of me first and the gimme, gimmes? School administrators are quite literally telling kids they don't have to do any work.

Dorval's battle with the school board over the 0s is going on up in Canada -- he works in a district in Edmonton.

When I was in school, if you didn't turn it in and didn't make it up, you got a big fat 0. Simple as that. What else would you get? Its not his fault the kids didn't do their work, if they refuse to do the work, then they DESERVE the incomplete grades. This teacher is the kind of teacher we need nowadays...